HAS 2018 Speakers

Thanks to the great speakers who made a success of HAS 2018 at Washington University in St. Louis. View the schedule online.

Keynote speakers included:

    • Dr. Marla Spivak, MacArthur Fellow and Professor at the University of Minnesota, will open the conference with her perspective on how events are shaping the future of beekeeping.
    • Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Director of the Bee Informed Partnership at the University of Maryland, will provide perspectives on hive management based on his years of collecting and analyzing hive management survey data.
    • Dr. May Berenbaum, Professor and Head of the Entomology Department at the Universilty of Illinois, will address effects of agricultural technology on honey bees.
    • The University of Minnesota Bee Squad, a team of professional beekeeping instructors, will present beekeeping techniques in classrooms and in the bee yard during each breakout session of the conference.
    • Dr. Keith Delaplane, Professor and Director of the University of Georgia Honey Bee Program, will address the practical challenges of integrating hive management with evolution and ecology, and present classic talks on honey bee biology.
    • Dr. Dewey Caron will present his comprehensives perspectives on the art and science of beekeeping.
    • Dr. Samuel Ramsey from the University of Maryland will present ground-breaking and inspiring research regarding varroa destructor.
    • Jennifer Berry, University of Georgia research Manager, will report on her recent studies of oxalic acid applications.
    • Leading agricultural and entomological scientists will participate in moderated panel discussions of some of the most important and controversial topics affecting bees and beekeepers.

Additional HAS 2018 speakers, in alphabetical order:

  • Pete Berthelsen, Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund Partnership Coordinator, President
    Conservation Blueprint LLC and wildlife biologist.
  • Dr. Dewey Caron, Emeritus Professor of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, University of
    Delaware, and Affiliate Professor, Dept. Horticulture Oregon State University
  • Phil Craft, retired KY state apiarist (from 1999 through 2011.) He is a past president
    and past chairman of the Heartland Apicultural Society, past program chairman of
    Eastern Apicultural Society and past president of the Apiary Inspectors of
  • Krispn Given, Purdue University Department of Entomology Apiculture Specialist, Vice
    President Indiana Urban Pollination Project. Vice President. Heartland Honey Bee
    Breeders Cooperative.
  • Dr. Jeff Harris, Extension/Research Apiculturist at Mississippi State University.
  • Ana Heck, University of Minnesota Bee Squad bee lab Program Manager.
  • Dr. Tammy Horn Potter, KY State Apiarist and author “Bees in America: How the
    Honeybee Shaped a Nation”, a compilation and study of fact, folklore and history
    of the honey bee.
  • Bridget Mendel Lee, University of Minnesota Bee Squad Project Coordinator and Grant
  • Martin Marklin, Hand-carved Liturgical candle maker and beekeeper from Contoocook, New Hampshire, Marklin took up beekeeping as a sideline to his main candle business.
  • Becky Masterman, University of Minnesota Bee Squad Associate Director.
  • Jenny Warner, a founding member of the UMN Bee Squad.
  • Dr. Tom Webster, Apiculture Extension Specialist and Adjunct Faculty, Kentucky State
  • Kent Williams, past president Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS), EAS master beekeeper
    maintaining apiaries in KY and southern Mississippi.
  • and more…