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Never Been to HAS Before? Here’s What to Expect!

HAS offers three full days of beekeeping education including lectures, Q&A sessions, laboratory classes, and hands-on exercises. You’ll have multiple choices of outstanding teachers and fascinating topics during each class session. Classes range from beginner beekeeper topics to advanced sessions centered around the latest beekeeping research. You’ll also enjoy some …

HAS 2018: Beekeeping in the Midwest

Our host for 2018 is Washington University in St Louis, Missouri. Founded in 1853, Washington University is a private institution that is ranked in the Top 20 universities nationwide by Newsweek. Check back here for directions to HAS registration and parking on campus.

2018 HAS Speakers

Plans are coming together for HAS 2018 at Washington University in St. Louis. Confirmed speakers include: Marla Spivak – University of Minnesota Dennis vanEngelsdorp – University of Maryland Sammy Ramsey – University of Maryland Keith Delaplane – University of Georgia Jennifer Berry – University of Georgia More details coming soon!

Get Social with HAS!

Tell your friends on social media about HAS and be sure to like and follow HAS on Facebook. When you get to HAS, be sure to tag us when you share pictures of all the fun you are having!

Vendors at HAS

HAS welcomes the leading vendors in the beekeeping industry so you can see the newest products and save on shipping costs. Check back here for a list as we confirm those attending HAS 2018. Want to be a vendor? Contact our 2018 Vendor Coordinator: Debbie Seib 7784 N Sanctuary Lane Mooresville, IN …